Bat Colony at Monfort Cave, Samal Island


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After attending a Strategic Planning Seminar at Samal Island in 2010, the Boss decided to take us to the world’s largest bat sanctuary.

A view from the top of the Monfort Cave, Samal Island

Guiness World Record Award

The Monfort cave is protected and supported by the Philippine Bat Conservation to house millions of fruit-eating bats. The Monfort Cave was awarded by the Guiness World Records for having the largest colony of Geoffrey’s Rousette Fruit Bat. In 2006, there were approximately 1.8 million fruit-eating bats. But recently, they were estimated to be at 2.4 Million. That’s a helluva lottttttttt!

You may ask: Why the need to protect and conserve the bat colony at Monfort Cave?

Here’s some of the reasons, to wit:

  1. Bats are insect controllers. One bat can capture 1, 200 mosquitoes in just one (1) hour! Amazing, ain’t right? One large bat colony can eat half a million pounds of insect pests each night making them the most effective natural insect controller . WITHOUT bats, insect pests population would increase. Without bats, we will have to rely on pesticides for insect control.
  2. Bats are our essential allies. They are our major agents of forest regeneration, pollinating flowers and dispersing large quantity of seeds. Bats are also the most important pollinators of Durian, contributing to Mindanao’s fruit industry.
  3. Bats are the renewers of rainforests. 40% of tree species depend on bats for seed dispersal and pollination. 90% of all terrestrial plants and animals live in rainforests. WITHOUT bats, rainforests regeneration will fail, threatening our biodiversity and stability of world climates.

Colony of bats at Monfort Cave, Samal Island

These are only but a few good reasons why we need to help maintain our biodiversity. Monfort Cave is a treasure trove of fruit bats. We need to help protect a crucial cave in the Philippines.

These were the things we’ve learned during the bat visit. There was actually a trained tour guide that informed us of these very important things about bats. During the tour at the cave sanctuary, of course, we can’t help but pose for posterity sake :-)

With a Co- Election Assistant, subordinates and the Big Boss

Just goofing around with the rest of the gang!

The camwhore that I am! ;-)

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wow, thanks for all the information, i did not know about bats killing all mosquitoes before, all i know is that they have a good reason for being present in our world, may they multiply to bring us more flowers, durian and get rid of mosquitoes.
betchai recently posted..Fond Memories of New YorkMy Profile

Lainybelle Reply:


You are most welcome, Betchai.

Thanks for swinging by here more often.

See yah!


Wow, that’s good Lainy, after brainstorming gimik agad….Ang bait ng boss mo hah, buti allowed ka i post yong picture niyo dito kasali boss mo..Camwhore talaga?lol
Mhie@travelentz recently posted..Marengo Cave with familyMy Profile

Lainybelle Reply:


He is a great Boss! Boss and tourist guide all rolled into one, LOL!

No problem about posting photos of him. Like us, he’s also a blogger. You can go check out his blog at It’s not updated though :-)


Wow! That’s a nice place for summer hiking! I think I’ve seen a Matang Lawin episode about bats and they featured Monfort Cave.
I’m sure you really had a great time on your tour Lainy Belle!


Ang dami pala talagang contribution ang mga paniki sa eco-system. Usually people only see their “dreadful faces” withour knowing how important they are.

Thanks for the information Lainz. I never know that there is a Bat Sanctuary in Samal. Tsk, taga Davao pa naman. :)
Rovie recently posted..Bonsai Exhibit and Orchids in Kadayawan 2012My Profile


thanks for the info Lainy! Kahit na scary mga bats, they serve a good purpose in the eco-system no?
jennyL recently posted..All About Gift WrappingMy Profile


I’ve heard many things about this cave but I’ve never been there!


Wow, Lainy! That’s awesome. I’ve never been to The Monfort Cave nor any bat sanctuary… sad sad. But hopefully, one day, I can visit The Monfort Cave one day. Kelan pa kaya yun? And wow. nasa Guiness Book of World Records pa siya! :)
Mary Anne Velasco recently posted..My Double-Breasted White Chef CoatMy Profile


Buti naman kung ganun Lainy at blogger fah hah! magkasundo talaga kayo nyan, swerte mo at mabait bosing mo..hehehe,
Mhie@travelentz recently posted..Birthday girl at Aquarium Restaurant-Nashville TNMy Profile


Aww.. naa diay na pulos ang Bat.. abi nako salot na sila haha.. anyway, wa pa jud ko kaanha anang dapita Lainy…mangutana ko ana diri be kung unsaon pag anha diha haha.
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444574 641506Hey, you used to write amazing, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boring


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You’re definitely a certified adventurer Lainy, must be awesome to see the bat colony!


[…] was thrilled to my bones! I have never been to any caves in my life except going to the Bat Colony at Monfort Cave, Samal Island in Davao City. There was no way we could ever go inside the Bat Cave obviously for fear of being […]

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